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The future of healthcare is becoming more virtual

Aveniras’ telemedicine technology was developed to help meet the special healthcare needs of the disabled community. With many members of the community having little to no mobility seeing a healthcare provide presents a significant challenge.

Aveniras’ telemedicine technology allows patients to securely speak with and be seen by healthcare providers from the comfort and safety of their home.

Our Experience

We understand the importance of patient confidentiality which is why our technology uses advanced security protocols to ensure that all virtual sessions are safe and secure.

Telemedicine technology is now a vital tool for healthcare providers

Given the current issues presented by COVID-19 a routine trip to the doctor’s office has now become a challenge to communities as a whole. As such, access to virtual healthcare is a current need that will continue to grow well into the future. Aveniras’ telemedicine platform can help ensure your organization is setup to meet the current and future needs of the patients you serve.

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