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The Challenge

One of the most challenging activities faced by media finance teams today is forecasting for content at the title level. The challenge comes from the multitude of inputs required to produce an accurate forecast as well as the varied distribution paths available in today’s media ecosphere.

To help overcome these challenges Aveniras, using our Media Content Planning toolkit, partnered with one of the leading entertainment companies in the world to develop a robust and dynamic content planning solution, capable of transforming data from multiple sources and using predictive analytics to produce a detailed Ultimate, full P&L, and APR rates for any type of content.

Our Media Content Planning toolkit is leveraged into each and every implementation based on stakeholder requirements.

This seasoned and proprietary toolkit comprises a powerful suite of features and capabilities that are built on tried and tested technologies.

Capabilities from the Aveniras Media Content Planning toolkit are selected based on customer requirements and mapped to their in-house ecosystem in order to drive the transformation of Finance activities.

The Aveniras Media Content Planning toolkit comprises a wealth of features and capabilities including


  • Primary solution landing page
  • Customizable dashboard views & KPIs
  • Notification system
  • Finance Calendar & user driven events

Data Portal

  • Data ingestion portal for disparate data
  • Simple drag & drop mapping capability
  • Clear mapping table structure with mapping retention
  • Upload log

Content Portfolio

  • Library of Titles
  • Contains base assumptions associated to each Title
  • Active and Archive Title capabilities
  • Create ‘Greenlight’ titles for pre-greenlit modeling

Scenario Manager

  • Sandbox environment
  • ‘What-If’ & Driver Based modeling for impact analysis
  • Predictive Analytics capabilities
  • Ability to commit assumptions scenario back to base


  • Web based environment integrated to desired toolset
  • Seamless interface & single sign-on authentication
  • Run reports by desired view
  • Comparative analysis
  • Integration to wider systems as required

Core calculations supported by the System include but are not limited to:

TV & Direct to Consumer

  • Attribute Driven Ultimates for Linear, SVOD, and Subscriber Based Models
  • Step-Up Ultimates Based on New Season Pick Ups
  • To-Go Ultimates
  • Market Specific Revenue Recognition Phasing
  • Residual Ultimate Liability Framework
  • Co-production Liability/Receivable
  • Amortization, Participations and Residuals Rates
  • Amortization, Participations and Residuals Expenses
  • Impairment

+ Episodic & Seasonal Drivers

Theatrical Release

  • Attribute Driven Ultimates
  • Cross-Collateralization
  • Revenue Phasing
  • Residual Ultimate Liability Framework
  • Participation Liability Waterfalls
  • Amortization, Participations and Residuals Rates
  • Amortization, Participations and Residuals Expense

+ Box Office Drivers & Dependent Assumptions

Let’s start this journey together